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Why Should you join kiosk 54?

Expand your design experience

Kiosk 54 offers a unique and free platform for artists and creators to exhibit and sell their work. Our vibrant community gathers monthly, providing a supportive space for idea exchange and constructive feedback.
But we go beyond just showcasing art—we’re committed to helping you succeed. Our sessions cover practical tips on marketing and selling, empowering you to turn your passion into a sustainable career. Join Kiosk 54, where creativity meets opportunity, and the best part is, it’s all free for members of Huset Fundament.

The Place

We are in kolding!!!

We have created Kiosk 54 with other creative people for you to connect and learn from. Become a part of Huset Fundament and the growing community at Kiosk 54


Everyone can be part of Kiosk 54, We are located in Kolding 6000, Jernbanegade 54 besides the legendary Pitstop and Huset Fundament. Become part of the community today and connect.

be part of the future of Kiosk 54

Expand your design experience

Huset Fundament is a voluntary association with the aim of building the bridge between young art and cultural creators and the creative business world.

The association is a catalyst for artists’ paths into the professional industry, while also being a social lever for creative young people outside the labor market.

Huset Fundament is built on the memory of the cultural identity that the venue Pitstop founded. The collective memory of the common culture that defines Kolding’s cultural underground, the underground that helps to form Kolding’s future cultural actors. It is these players who will put Kolding in the leading position as Denmark’s art and design city

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